The Settings section is where you hook the Joomla component to your Xtreme Locator account and configure the component to operate properly.  The processes are explained below.

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Account ID – Enter your Xtreme Locator Account ID to connect the component to your Xtreme Locator account.  The Account ID can be found at the top of the Xtreme Locator Administrative Control Panel main page.

CSS Path – It is necessary to link your Joomla template to the Xtreme Locator component stylesheet.  To do so, Copy the reference link from the Settings page then go to Extensions >> Template Manager >> Edit HTML and paste the link just above the tag, so that it is the last stylesheet inserted.  The correct link is: <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”/components/com_xtremelocator/css/xtremelocator_pub.css” type=”text/css”>

Available Fields – This is a listing of the standard Xtreme Locator data fields.  By default, only normally used fields are enabled.  You can enable or disable fields here as desired. Disabled fields will not be displayed in the “Field Control” field listing .

If you have created custom fields in your Xtreme Locator account, you must manually create them here in order to be able to assign them to your Joomla forms. To add your custom fields in your Joomla results pages:

  • Click the Add Field button.
  • Enter a Field ID number (this should be a unique number. Default field numbers are 1-29 so, for example, pick 30.
  • Enter the field name of your custom field in the Field name box. This should match the name of the custom field you setup in the Xtreme Locator Administrative Control Panel exactly (case sensitive).
  • Click the Save or Apply button.
  • Make sure the field is enabled.

You should now be able to go to the Field Control section of any of the Xtreme Locator setup forms and make the custom field visible in your results.