Quick Start Guide

Xtreme Locator Quickstart Guide

To setup and manage your account, please go to http://www.xtremelocator.com and click the “Client Login” link on the right side of the top menu.

Quick Setup Tips:

1. Select “Setup Options” from the menu and set your system preferences.

2. Select “Specialty Manager” from the menu to create location features (ie; Service Center, Retail Sales, Wholesale Sales).

3. Select the “Field Manager” to add any custom fields you may require.

4. Select the “Field Layouts” to assign your new fields to your system.

5. Select “Location Manager” from the menu to setup individual locations.

6. Select “Code Generator” from the menu to generate the linking codes or maps to add to your Web Site.

Xtreme Locator also has an import feature if you need to batch upload your location data. Help documentation is provided on the import page but if you need additional assistance, we can provide a sample import file or we will be glad to assist you in preparing your first import.

Note for CMS Users: We currently offer free components for WordPress, Joomla, Mambo and Drupal Content Management Systems. You can obtain these components and instructions by clicking the Resources >> CMS Components link on our Top Menu at www.xtremelocator.com.

For help and documentation, please visit our website at www.xtremelocator.com and click the Knowledge Base under the Support Menu. Additionally, each administration page has a context relevant help so you can just click on the ? icon to get information about using that particular page.

Also, check out our new Xtreme Locator Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Module for Xtreme Locator which allows your customers to find your locations using their telephone!  For more information about Xtreme Locator IVR, click here.

If you have any sales or technical questions, we offer free support for your trial account. Please use the links on our Client Services page to browse our Knowledge Base or to submit a Support Ticket.

When you decide to subscribe to an account, you can do so online on the “Sign-Up” page, here or you can contact us for assistance.