Public Registration Server Based

Public Registration allows your website visitors to submit their own location data.  If enabled, a link to this form will be displayed on the Search Results and Advanced Search pages.

See the Video Tutorial

To use our Xtreme Locator server based public registration form:

  1. Go to Setup Options in the Control Panel.
  2. Scroll down to find the following fields.
  3. Click the Public Registraion checkbox to enable this feature.
  4. Enter descriptive text in the Public Registration Header.  Entries in this field display above the registration form that can be used to explain your terms for submission or other descriptive text.  HTML code can be used in this field.
  5. Enter a Public Registration Confirmation Message.  Entries in this field display at the top of the form after the form is successfully submitted.  HTML code can be used in this field.
  6. Check the Notify Admin About Registration checkbox to be notified by email when a new submission is processed
  7. Enter a Public Registration Notification E-mail address to receive the notification.
  8. Select the Public Registration Default Location Status to be assigned to locations submitted through the Public Registration Form. If Approved is selected, locations submitted will be immediately active and returned in any searches.  If Pending is selected, record must be reviewed activated.

The Public Registration Form URL is provided so you may make a hyperlink to your Public Registration Form to place on your website.