Dealer Locator Pricing

Xtreme Locator is available as a Hosted Web Service or as Host-It-Yourself software package. To compliment your web locator, we also offer our Xtreme IVR telephone locator. Please choose from the list below to review our pricing.


Hosted Web Service Locator Pricing

With our hosted packages, there are no setup fees and you have no software to install. Pricing is based on the number of location records.

Host-It-Yourself Locator Pricing

Purchase licensed packages are available for organizations that want to run the application on their own servers (with unlimited locations).

IVR Telephone Locator

Our IVR Telephone Locator pricing plans are available at very affordable rates and you don’t need to commit to large blocks of minutes to have a state of the art IVR locator.

Other Products and Services (Free!)

The following plugins are provided free with your Xtreme Locator account.

Please contact us for any questions about our pricing or services.