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Compare Xtreme locator dealer locator software to other apps

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Xtreme Locator Comparison Chart

See how Xtreme Locator stacks up against other dealer locator applications you may be considering. Our comparison list is based on the built-in features of our product through the administration web interface without use of any additional programming, customization or add-on options.
If you are considering another dealer locator, we urge you to print out our chart and use the empty column to make your own comparison. You’ll be glad you did!
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Technical Features
Description Xtreme Locator Other Locator Notes
Complete web browser based administration      
U.S. Zip Codes & Street Level Mapping      
Canadian Postal Codes & Street Level Mapping      
UK Postal Codes & Street Level Mapping      
European Postal Codes & Street Level MappingStreet level locating and mapping with most current available postal codes for 15 European countries.      
Mexico Postal Codes & Street Level Mapping      
Australia Postal Codes & Street Level Mapping      
New Zealand Postal Codes & Street Level Mapping      
Other Country Postal Code SupportBrazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan      
Non-Postal Code Support for all other countriesSupport for City/Country search for all countries, worldwide.      
Enterprise MappingSupports subscription to ESRI and Multi-Map paid mapping services for guaranteed Ad-Free mapping.      
Free MapQuest mapping      
Free Google mapping      
Free Yahoo mapping.      
Multiple Business/Web Site supportLocator can be customized for deployment on multiple company websites to deliver only those locations that apply to a particular division of the company.      
Daily data backupsData is backed up daily to prevent data loss in the event of operator error or system failure.      
System RedundancySynchronized server networks in North America and Western Europe to prevent catastrophic loss.      
Back-end database enginemySQL database structure for lightning-fast delivery of location data.      
Application LanguageApplication is written in PHP and can be deployed in PHP, ASP.NET, HTMl and Flash.      
Installation and setupFree setup, no setup fees or other hidden charges.      
Administrative Features
Description Xtreme Locator Other Locator Notes
Web Based Administration      
Help File on each Administration Page      
Manual Geocode Coordinate Tuning      
Online Form to add individual locations      
Create unlimited number of custom fields      
Field Layouts ModuleFor existing and new custom fields, the Field Layouts Module lets you define which fields are visible on the various pages of Xtreme Locator.      
Multiple Levels of Priority Location SupportSet certain locations to appear at the top of the search results listing regardless of proximity. Support for multiple levels of featured sites (Example; Silver, Gold, Platinum dealers).      
Location Specialties/Brands FieldCreate product brands or location types for drilldown searches.      
Location Image UploadAssign logo image for individual locations to appear in search results.      
Location Audio UploadAssign an audio file to play for individual locations in search results.      
Location Special EventsSetup special events that are occurring at locations. Event data will display until event has ended.      
Location AdministratorsAssign location administrators manage individual locations or a group of locations.      
Search StatisticsView reports on search statistics: Top Cities, Top States, Top Counties, Top Zip Codes. US Census Data.      
Set Search Distance RadiusSet the distance radius from the searchers postal code. No locations will be returned beyond the distance set.      
Location Territory Search Distance RadiusSet the distance radius for an individual location to override the system radius. Allows to expand or reduce the distance coverage for individual locations.      
Smart DistanceOptional setting that will increase distance radius when no locations are found until a location is found.      
Define Total Records ReturnedSet the maximum number of locations that any one search will return.      
Advanced Search Enable/DisableAllows advanced search to be displayed in the event of no locations found in a particular search.      
Search by Telephone Area Code      
Search by Airport Code      
Special Search Results FilteringFiltering of search results by hidden code.      
Form Based GUI controlThrough the "Setup Options", you can define the user interface by setting background colors, font colors, upload logos, etc.      
HTML Code GeneratorGenerate static HTML code to deploy locator on your website. Results open in new window on our server with this method.      
Frames Code GeneratorGenerate HTML Frames code to deploy locator on your website. Results from our server open in your Frames with this method.      
iFrame Code GeneratorGenerate iFrame code to deploy locator on your website. Results from our server open in iFrame with this method.      
Flash Code GeneratorGenerate Macromedia Flash code and files to deploy locator on your website. Results are retrieved from our server and displayed on your website.      
.NET Code GeneratorGenerate ASP.NET code and files to deploy locator on your website. Results are retrieved from our server and displayed on your website.      
PHP Code GeneratorGenerate PHP code and files to deploy locator on your website. Results are retrieved from our server and displayed on your website.      
Dynamic Map Code GeneratorGenerate code to display map on your Website. Map shows icons for each location that can be clicked to show location details.      
Location Submission Form GeneratorGenerate PHP code to allow site visitors to submit locations for inclusion into your location database.      
Location Admin Login GeneratorGenerate HTML code to deploy login box for location administrators to login to manage their assigned locations.      
Export Location RecordsExport feature allows exporting of location data to CSV or Excel file for internal purposes.      
Import Location RecordsImport bulk locations for quick updates to location data.      
E-mail broadcast to your location administratorsSend announcements and other pertinent information to all administrators.      
Assign Territories to Locations Assign sales territories to your locations using Zip Codes, Range of Zip Codes, States and/or Countries. Territories override distance search to allow for one regional rep to support multiple regions.      
Multiple Language Support      
Custom Map-It Image SupportAllows for import of custom image icon link to maps.      
Census Data ReportingProvided within the Statistics reporting, census data can be accessed for areas searched for.      
Limit searches allowed from single computerLimit number of searches to prevent data mining.      
Limit number of locations returned in a single search      
Custom "No Locations Found" messageCustom message when no locations in area. HTML allowed for hyperlinks, etc.      
Search DisclaimerThis feature allows you to require searchers to read and agree to certain terms prior to viewing your locations.      
Display distance in miles, kilometers or both      
Search and Search Results Features
Description Xtreme Locator Other Locator Notes
Advanced Search by Location Name, City, State and more.      
Advanced Search by Location Specialties This feature allows your visitors to search by specific products or services your locations offer.      
Advanced Search by Location Events Site visitors can search for locations that have special events occurring.      
Easily add other field parameters into search logicYou can easily add hidden parameters into any search function to display only locations that match certain parameters.      
Search Results Listing with Location Headline Special fields can be added to search results to attract attention to certain locations.      

Location Detail Page

A separate location detail page can display detailed information about a location including a logo image and any number of fields required. This page acts like a "Mini-Website" for certain location types.


Clickable dynamic location country map

Display a country map showing icons for each location.

Location search results in text or on map.You can choose between our traditional text search results or a map showing icons for all locations within the search radius.      
Driving DirectionsAllows your visitors to enter their location and get directions to the location of their choice.      
Optional Features
Description Xtreme Locator Other Locator Notes
IVR Telephone Locator      
Affordable Custom SolutionsUnlike most other locators, we offer reasonable rates for custom solutions. Check our Case Studies pages for examples.      
WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Mambo CompatibleWith our free CMScomponents, it's simple to add a high powered dealer locator on your WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal or Mambo Website.      
facebook pluginWith our free facebook plugin, it's easy to put your dealer locator on your facebook page.