Location Manager >> Location Listing

The Location Listing is a listing of all locations.  You can sort the list by clicking on any of the column titles. From this listing, you can create and edit locations.

Data Shown in List – You can define what data is displayed in the Location Listing in the Field Layouts section of the control panel.

Add Location – Click this to add a new location.

Delete All Locations – Click this link to delete all location records in the database. (Note; This process cannot be reversed)

Search Box – Enter a keyword, to search for a specific existing location to edit or view.

Icons – The icons next to each location are links to the following functions:

  • Event Icon  – Click this to add special events that are scheduled for a location. Click Here for more about Location Events.
  • Manual Tune Coordinates Icon   – Click this icon to open a map showing the map icon location for the dealer selected.  You can manually adjust the dealers location with this feature (See KB article Location Manager Manual Geocode Adjustments)
  • Edit Icon  – Click this to edit the location record.
  • Delete Icon   – Click this to delete the location.