Joomla – How to deploy for results in popup window.

The Joomla component displays the search results in an iFrame below the search box.  If you want to show the results in a popup window, read here.

Our Joomla component is designed to display the results within the Joomla content area.

To display the results in a popup window:

  • Go to Joomla Control Panel >> User Manager and set User Editor to None.
  • Go to the Xtreme Locator Admin Control Panel >> Code Generator >> Simple Search Form and get the form/post code.
  • Go to Joomla Control Panel >> Content >> Article Manager and click New icon.
  • Enter Form/Post code into article.
  • Add target=”_blank” to the form/post line.
  • Save article.
  • Create menu item Dealer Locator and point it to the new article.

Note: In Joomla! 1.5.8, a default filtering choice is in place for those who have not selected an Article Filter option. The default applied for those who have not made a selection implements “black list” filtering as a security precaution against possible XSS.  This will prevent form/post from working within articles.

A Super Administrator can change the filtering by using the Article Global Configuration options. To change the default settings so that no filtering happens for members of the Super Administrator group:

  • Navigate to Content -> Article Manager.
  • Press the Parameters icon in the toolbar to show the Articles – Global Configuration screen.
  • Scroll down to Filtering Options, highlight all Filter groups except Super Administrator, Administrator and Manager, and select Filter type of Blacklist.