FIPS County Codes

This is a complete listing of FIPS county codes used for assigning territories by U.S. counties.

Click on the State to view the FIPS codes for that state. State two digit code is listed at the top and county codes listed thereafter.

For assigning territories, use 5-digit code (include two-digit state code and three-digit county code).

Example: Los Angeles County, California = 06037

You can download a FIPS Code table from the download link at the bottom of this article.
What are FIPS Codes FIPS codes are one of the methods supported for assigning territories to locations. FIPS codes are explained below.
Federal information processing standards codes (FIPS codes) are a standardized set of numeric or alphabetic codes issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to ensure uniform identification of geographic entities through all federal government agencies. The entities covered include: states and statistically equivalent entities, counties and statistically equivalent entities, named populated and related location entities (such as, places and county subdivisions), and American Indian and Alaska Native areas.
The U.S. Census Bureau uses the codes in FIPS PUB 55-3 to identify both legal and statistical entities for county subdivisions, places, and American Indian areas/Alaska Native areas/Hawaiian home lands. FIPS PUB 55-3 includes many more entity records than those for which the Census Bureau tabulates data. The FIPS 55 codes are state-based. American Indian reservations, off-reservation trust land areas, American Indian tribal subdivisions, Oklahoma tribal statistical areas (OTSAs), state designated American Indian statistical areas (SDAISAs), and/or tribal designated statistical areas (TDSAs) in more than one state will have multiple FIPS 55 codes; that is, a different FIPS 55 code for each state portion of the single American Indian entity.