Control Panel Overview

This is a general overview of the Xtreme Locator Aministrative Control Panel

See the Video Tutorial

  • Location Manager – The location manager is used to list all locations, edit existing locations or create new locations.
  • Specialty Manager – Used to create and edit location specialties. It is not necessary to create specialties, however, if you have locations that offer varying products or services, setting Specialties enhances your locator application.
  • Category Manager – Categories are provided to help organize the way Specialties appear on your Location Setup page. Categories are optional and do not affect the search functions at this time.
  • Field Manager – Field manager allows you to edit or add location record fields as required by your specific requirements. Once new fields are added, use Field Layouts to add the new fields to your various Xtreme Locator pages.
  • Field Layouts – Field layouts is used to add or remove fields on the various Xtreme Locator pages.
  • Location Administrators – Allows you to assign administrative rights to other individuals to manage individual locations.
  • Statistics – Allows you to review the usage of your Xtreme Locator.
  • Setup Options – Site Options allows you to set the variables for you system and to control the look and feel of your Xtreme Locator Search and Search Results pages.
  • Language Resources – Language resources allow you to enter alternative language text from the Xtreme Locator standard English Language text.
  • Code Generator – Provides you with the HTML code necessary to add Xtreme Locator to your Web Site.
  • Export – Provides you with a means to export your location records.
  • Import – Provides you with a means to import location records.
  • Batch Search – With Batch Search, you can query the Xtreme Locator database to find the closest three locations to a particular postal code.
  • E-mail Broadcast – The Email Broadcast allows you to send a group Email message to all Email Addresses specified in each location.
  • Help – This file.
  • Change Password – Change your administrative password.
  • Customer Support – Contact customer support.
  • Logout – Complete your session and logout.