All Locations Map – WP

The All  locations Map locator setup for wordpress allows you to define a map showing all of your locations.

Update button – Click this button after you have made all of your changes to save your work.

Message – You can enter descriptive text in this area and format with html if desired. Entries in this area will display above map.

Map width – Specifies the width, in pixels, of the map.

Map height – Specifies the height, in pixels, of the map.

Center coordinate – Specifies the center of the map in longitude and latitude.  The first coordinate = longitude, second coordinate = latitude.  For example, the center coordinates for North America is 40.044438,-98.701172

Zoom level – Specifies the zoom level of the map.  The use higher number to zoom in and lower number to zoom out..

URL code from XtremeLocator code generator – Provides a way to design the map in the Xtreme Locator Code Generator and deploy within the component.  Using this overrides the settings above.  To use this method, login to the Xtreme Locator control panel and select “Google Map Code”, then select your settings and drag the map center to where you like it.  Copy the URL from the URL box and paste it into the “URL code from XtremeLocator:” box.

Regenerate Map Button – After you have modified your map settings, click this button to view the results. Note:  Once you are satisfied, you must click the “Update” button to save your settings.

Additional Links

  • Show advance search link – If yes, link to advanced search form will be displayed below the search button.
  • Show all location link – If yes, link to list of all locations will be displayed below the search button.