About the Xtreme Locator WordPress Plugin

The Xtreme Locator WordPress plugin is designed to easily deploy the Xtreme Locator dealer locator application, and Zip code locator wordpress into your WordPress website.


This plugin provides.

  • Total integration into the WordPress content structure.
  • Three search result styles:
    1.  Text location data with Map-It link to open a location map in a popup window.
    2.  Text location data with a location map and magnifying glass icon to open location map in a popup window.
    3.  Text only results.
  • Three standard search form types:
    1.  Zip Code text box.
    2.  Zip Code text box and Distance text box.
    3. Country dropdown selection list with postal code text box.
  • Advanced Search form.
  • Location List – shows all of your locations.
  • All Locations Map – Provides you with the ability to display a map of all your locations represented by icons.
  • CSS control.
  • Login form to login to your Xtreme Locator Control Panel directly from your WordPress admin area to manage your location data.


Click Here to get the WordPress Plugin.

Note:  In order to use this plugin, you must have an Xtreme Locator account to house your location data and provide the geocoding necessary to deliver your dealer locations to your website visitors.  A free 30 day trial is available by completing a signup form at https://app.xtremelocator.com/administrator/freeTrial.php