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Where's the best place to put my Locator search?

If you want customers to come to your stores, the first step is to get Xtreme Locator.  Once you do that, make sure your website visitors can easily find it.

Sure, some people will want to look at all of your products and read all about your company but some just want to find out where your nearest location is so they can run right over there and give you some of their money….. and that’s what you want, isn’t it?

Successfully using Xtreme Locator involves three steps for your customer:

  •     Finding the Locator.
  •     Using the locator to find the desired location.
  •     Getting directions from your starting point to this location.

Finding the Locator:
We recommend that you put a simple search box on every page in a prominent location.  The header is the best possible location for it to show up on every web page on your site.

Avoid putting it in a dynamic dropdown menu under the heading of “Contact Us” or something equally confusing.  If you cannot put the actual simple search form in the header as recommended, at least use a prominent link with an obvious name.  Find a StoreStore FinderLocate Nearest Dealer are all good choices.  As in choosing keywords, the object is not to pick words or phrases you want your customers to think of but the object is to pick terms that they are likely to think of.  Make it a “No Brainer”.

Using the Locator to find the desired location:
Don’t trick up the search form.  The object it to get people to your stores as quickly as possible.  If you use our “Specialties” field to show products and services, make sure that the “Specialties” show on the search results page (using Field Layouts).

Try to avoid adding to many choices to the simple search.  There’s a link to our Advanced Search that more saavy customers can use if the like.

Getting directions from your starting point to this location:
Be sure to keep our mapping feature enabled.  Even though we allow you to import your own “Map-It” image, make sure people know it’s a link to the map.  Avoid using your company logo or other non-obvious images for your Map-It link.