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Video Tutorials

Xtreme Locator Video Tutorials

Below are links to video tutorials showing how to use the many features of Xtreme Locator. We will add to these periodically so please check back often. If there is a particular feature that you would like to see a tutorial for, please contact us and we will create one for you.

Xtreme Locator CP Overview

A video overview of the features of Xtreme Locator

Creating Custom Fields

This tutorial explains how to add a custom text field to Xtreme Locator

Coordinate Tuning

This tutorial explains how to manually set the location by dragging the map icon to the correct position.

Public Registration

This tutorial explains how to enable the public registration feature to allow your dealers to enter their own location information.

Creating Specialties

This tutorial explains how to create specialties for specifying location types or types of products carried by a locatio

Creating All Locations Map

Demo that shows how to generate a map to show all of your locations on a web page.

Setting up Dealers with Location Manager

This demo shows how to setup dealers using the Location Manager.

Importing Location Data

This demo shows how to perform an import of your location data from a spreadsheet.

Checking your dealer addresses

This demo shows how to check your dealer addresses to make sure they are geocoded accurately.