With the Xtreme Locator Drupal Component, adding a dealer locator to your Website is a snap. The Drupal Component is free and easy to install in your Drupal Control Panel. If you haven’t already done so, Signup for your Free Xtreme Locator Trial Account. After you receive your Xtreme Locator trial account Welcome package, record your Account ID as you will need to know it to complete the Drupal Component setup.

To get started, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the free Xtreme Locator Drupal Component.
    Download Download the Xtreme Locator Drupal 6.x Component
    Download Download the Xtreme Locator Drupal 5.x Component


  2. Unzip the component.
  3. Install via FTP as a module into sites\all\modules folder. If the folder does not exist, you need to create it.
  4. Configure as follows.

Module configuration

  1. From the Admin Menu, select Site configuration | Xtreme Locator module settings.
  2. Enter the Xtreme Locator Account ID that you wrote down earlier in the Account ID field.
  3. Enter special settings in the optional Form class and Message div class fields if desired.
  4. Enter any explanatory text you desire in the Message field.
  5. Modify the name for the Advanced search label and Submit button if desired.
  6. Modify the iframe details as desired.
  7. Click Save.

Adding as block

  1. Go to Administer->Site building->Blocks
  2. Move Xtreme Locator search box for the block you desire.
  3. Save configuration.

Adding as page

  1. Go to menu Site building –>Menus.
  2. Choose menu you want to add link to Xtreme Locator search.
  3. Enter path /xlocator.
  4. Choose other settings if desired.
  5. Save menu .