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Code Generator - Google All Locations Map

The Google All Locations Map code provides you with a way to add a map of your locations to your website.  The map will display an icon for each location that, when clicked, will open a baloon with the location details.

How to install the Google All Locations Map:

  1. Select Map Width and Map Height using the dropdown lists for each.
  2. Adjust the zoom level to show the area desired by using the zoom control on the left side of the map.
  3. Click the Radius checkbox to enable range circle.  (A circle depicting the dealer’s range based on the distance setup in the Location Radius field of the dealer record will be displayed.)
  4. Click the Geolocation checkbox to enable this feature.  (Enabling this feature will cause the map to center on the site visitor’s location when visitor agrees to share his location.)
  5. Drag the map to show the desired center necessary to show all of your locations.
  6. When you are satisfied with the map adjustments, go to the “Map Code” section (below the map) as follows:URL Code – Use this URL to install in a frame page or iframe page.  To use this method, click on the URL box and copy to your clipboard.  Then paste it into your frame or iframe code.Widget Code – Use this widget code to install on a web page.  To use this method, click on the Widget box and copy to your clipboard.  Then paste the code into your web page.


Icons grouped or individual: 

You have the option of showing an icon for every location or an icon for a group of locations.  When grouped icons is selected, clicking on the group icon will zoom the map to the icon’s region.  Additionally you can choose to show the Google normal size icon or a smaller icon.  These options are controlled by settings in “Setup Options” as follows.

  1. Go to Setup Options and scroll to the map settings.
  2. To show all locations on the map, uncheck the Group Locations on Map check box.
  3. From the Map Icon Type dropdown list, select Normal or Small.
  4. Save your settings.


Filtering map icons: 

You can add a filter to the map so that only certain dealers are displayed on the map.  For example, you may want to show only dealers in a certain country or you may want to show dealers of a certain type (like sales dealers or service dealers).  See below for instructions on how to do map filtering.

How to setup Google all location map filtering

  1. Generate the map as outlined in “How to install the Google All Locations Map”
  2. Copy the URL in the Map Code URL box and paste it into notepad or other text editor as shown below,-100.863241&zoom=4&width=600px&height=400px
  3. Replace “show=all” with “show-filtered” as shown below.,-100.863241&zoom=4&width=600px&height=400px
  4. Add the filter parameter to the end of the above shown URL like: &whateverparameter=whatevervalue


Note: The parameters are case sensitive.

To show only dealaers in the State of California:,-100.863241&zoom=4&width=600px&height=400px&State=CA

To show only dealers with the Custom Field “Location Type=service”,-100.863241&zoom=4&width=600px&height=400px&Location Type=1504155

How do we know the ID of the custom field value for Service?

  • Go to Field manager
  • Click the Edit Icon for Location Type
  • Click the link for Edit Values
  • Hover over the delete icon and note the value in the browser footer