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Code Generator - Flash Search Form

The Flash Search Form selection generates a form and supporting files for installation on your website.  Using this deployment, all pages are installed on your website and the location data is pulled from the Xtreme Locator database and delivered to your website transparently.

Advanced flash programmers can use this code and the supporting files as a template to design their own custom flash deployment.

To install the Flash Search deployment:

  1. Click the Get Code to get the Flash search code.
  2. Change the two instances in the code PATH_TO_SWF_FILE_ON_YOUR_SERVER to the full path to the swf file where you have installed the undelying files. (Example; flash/test.swf)
  3. Click the “Get Files” button to download the supporting Flash files required for this deployment. Unzip this file and install per the instructions included in this zip file.