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Batch Search

With Batch Search, you can query the Xtreme Locator database to find the closest three locations to a particular postal code.  In order to use this feature effectively, each location must have a unique "Location Number". To run Batch Search:
  • Create a text file with the postal codes you are searching for.  For multiple postal codes, each postal code should be entered on a separate line.
  • Save the text file to your local computer.
  • In the Batch Search module, click the "Browse" button and locate the .txt file you created on your local computer.
  • Click the "Submit" button.  A .csv file is then created that you can save to your local coputer with your report of the closest three locations for each postal code in the .txt file.
Example: In this example, you want to see your closest three dealers to four major cities; New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago. Step 1 - Create a .txt file using notepad.
Step 2 - Go to batch search, click the Browse button and find the .txt file you just created. Step 3 - Click the submit button. Step 4 - Xtreme Locator generates a csv file showing your three closest locations to each zip code.
The results show that you have dealers within 20 miles of New York and Houston and a dealer 58.1 miles from Chicago but no dealers close to Los Angeles. Maybe it's time to open a new dealer in California!